Genesis approaches interviews with genuine dedication. Their ability to swiftly deliver drafts, coupled with meticulous revisions until our satisfaction, reflects their commitment to excellence. The content they produce is not only concise but also rich in substance. Engaging Genesis for copywriting is a decision well worth making.

Mr Gorden Lee (General Manager)

YLI Industry Sdn Bhd

I am delighted to recommend Mr. Chong for his outstanding copywriting skills. His experience shone through during our interview, where he easily understood the details of our business, identified our strengths against competitors, and highlighted our unique advantages. Mr. Chong's expertise is unparalleled, and I highly support his services for anyone seeking a top-notch copywriter.

Mr Chew Yong Siong(Director)

HireHub Management Sdn Bhd

Mr Chong is very patient in listening to his client's needs and wants. He is willing to go extra length to understand what our industry is all about before executing his services.

Mr Alex(Director)

MENZ Homeware Sdn. Bhd

Genesis Copywriting Services is a reliable partner we have worked with for a long time. The services provided by their team have always been satisfactory and have been of invaluable assistance to our Chamber, especially in the area of content writing. They are highly recommended.

Prof Dr. Ng Po Kok (President)

Malaysia Hwang Chamber Of Commerce

很荣幸可以让我遇到 Genesis copyriting为我们公司客制化属于自己的company profile。 Genesis team 是我非常推荐的公司。因为他们经验丰富,也擅长文字写作 ,也是在大马写过最多工商文案的专业团队。不管是要网站制作还是文案撰写, 找Genesis team 绝对没错了。

J & A Kitchen Cabinet Sdn Bhd

Both the content writing and design are splendid, the service is fast and excellent, with a friendly attitude, and all our requirements are met.

Ms Chew

Wansern Agrotech Sdn Bhd

Reasonable price with professional service for our company website design. However, I would like to thank them for their patience when I kept updating my idea for the website design.

Mr Wong (Director)

Truz Home Sdn Bhd

The service is excellent and professional. Our corporate content writing problem is solved, and the content is what we need. We are very satisfied and look forward to cooperating with you again if we need any copywriting.

Mr Kong (Group Chairman)

Innio Group Sdn Bhd

Simply amazing! Their team went above and beyond to help me with my project! They had team members who can write well-thought-out, easy-to-read, and succinct articles. Couldn't recommend it enough.

Mr Chan

Kcora Engineering

Initially, we have no idea about our website copywriting. However, your team helps us expertly from nothing to everything within a few weeks. Thank you very much, you are very professional.

Tocos Living (M) Sdn Bhd

Thanks for your help Genesis Copywriting Services. You complete the job within the period. Good job. The services you provide are professional and effective, what I need you total understand and provide me with a fantastic service. Will look for your services in the future thank you!

Ms Tee (Managing Director)

Leader Employment Pte Ltd

这次是我们第2次雇用Genesis Copywriting Services帮我们制作企业简介。 我们很满意制作的成果,尤其文案方面写得一次到位,而且效率很快,两周就把我们的Profile做好。谢谢你们的团队。加油!

Mr Yin (Director)

Mliss (M) Sdn Bhd

Our clients describe the Company Profile you prepared as extremely excellent and well-written. This represents our company image and is praised by some people. It is good feedback, so we give a Like to your team.

Kejuruteraan CYJ

Thank you guys for helping me finish my business plan !! I am very satisfied with the pictures and copywriting you created for me, and the service is excellent. I will suggest my friend to you if they wish to write a company profile.


Soaring Songbird Group

谢谢Genesis Copywriting你的服务,对你的设计风格与文章都很满意。

Huay Huang Hardware & Plumbing

Thanks to Genesis Copywriting. We are very satisfied with the profile and definitely will continue to work with you again.

Calista Furniture Sdn Bhd

A well-written text plays a very important role for the company’s cultural background, creating a splendid image for the company. ABADI AYAM is thankful to be able to invite a professional copywriter from Genesis Copywriting Services to write a customized official website for us. Genesis Copywriting completed a highly comprehensive website content in a short time with a thorough understanding of the company's cultural background/operation details/uniqueness/corporate vision etc. At the same time, he showed a high degree of cooperation in amending the content. Abadi Ayam would like to thank you sincerely for your excellent service.

Abadi Ayam Sdn Bhd

We really enjoy working with Genesis and the team. They take the time to understand the detail, extracts the good bits and crafts compelling words. The copy in 3 languages was provided within the timescales set and any amends requested were carried out very quickly. We would not hesitate to use Genesis Copywriting Services again.

Wai Hong Brothers Sdn Bhd

非常感謝Genesis Copywriting,網站終於誕生。Genesis Copywriting Services及團隊的專業,給予了我們公司很多的ideas,而且文案寫得非常獨特,直接帶出我們公司的優勢,還給予我們更多的意見,實在太感謝了!Highly Recommended!

Miss Haye

MyChoices Mortgage Solutions(Hong Kong)

It was a pleasure working together with you and your team. You and your team did a great work in delivering the idea of our new company’s profile design. Beside that, you and your team were very responsive throughout the entire process. We are very satisfied with the profile and definitely will continue to working with you again.

Wendy Liew(Finance Director | Head of Human Resources)

V & W Venture Sdn Bhd

我委托Genesis Copywriting Services撰写吉隆坡暨雪兰莪华企商会的网站文案,以及为我个人的企业撰写Company Profile,我们很满意他们的服务和文案的内容,值得推荐给大家。

Dato’ Nick Ng

Chinese Entrepreneurs Association Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

It was good working with you and your team. A very good service and work from your team. Appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Shashiventthan Rajagopal

Drone Here Services Sdn Bhd

我们曾经委托其他设计公司做网站,可是浪费了不少钱,直到我们找到Genesis Copywriting Services撰写和设计我们的网站,尤其网站文案写到很好,还亲自到工厂了解我们的业务,服务非常好。

Chris Ng

Platinium Creative Sign Solution

I would like to praise you for the Excellent and experienced copywriter who understands our needs and is able to stress our advantages. Design is modern and pictures well taken. All our shareholders are happy with it.

Gordon Tan (Managing Director)

SMG Auto Sdn Bhd

I’m taking this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you and your team had did. We completely satisfied with the corporate profile that you write for us, the copywriting and the design layout is perfect. You and your team are easy to communicate with, I will definitely recommend you to my friends and my business partners in the future. Thank you.

Wendy Ong (Director)

JB Gift & Souvenir (M) Sdn Bhd

我们之前物色过其他写作人写的内容,比较之下,我们很喜欢Genesis Copywriting的写作风格,帮我们写的加盟招商书的内容也很满意,写出来的内容比我们想像的更理想,相信这份招商书对我们有一定的帮助。

Yvonne Lim Li Wan(Director )

Young Rabbit Sdn Bhd

The most customer-oriented copywriting services I've ever had.

Jasper Seng (Managing Director)

Living Natural Sdn Bhd

Great response from the Genesis Team and they always know how to present the information that I provided to them into my profile.

Lee Angel(Head of Department of Admin & Finance)

Azza Mewah Sdn Bhd

我们委托genesis copywriting services帮公司写两家公司的企业简介,一家是卫生与厨器俱供应公司,另一家是家俱批发公司,内容写得不错,我们两家公司管理层都很满意,如果有朋友有需文案服务,我们推荐你们这家公司。谢谢你们的服务。

Lim Jiunn Shyan (Managing Director)

MLK Furniture Trading Sdn Bhd & Heng Foong Sanitaryware Trading Sdn Bhd

我们委托Genesis Copywriting Services帮我们策划和写介绍我们公司的文案,我们一致给予你们好评,使本公司的业务得到提升,你们做工精良,设计也很精美,服务也好热情,你们团队处事高效率,是值得信赖的合作伙佯,特向Genesis公司表示感谢。

执行董事 林志宏

Borneo Oasis Sdn Bhd


Kelvin Ng (Managing director)

Fingrow Marketing Group Sdn Bhd

我们需要为公司做一份公司简介和网站,尤其在文案上把戏们写出有竞争力,我们为此物色了几家公司也洽谈过,我们觉得Genesis Copywriting Services是最有经验的一家,而且做出来的成果也是我们满意的,特别是文案内容是我们想要的竞争力量。

Lucas Chong (Executive Director)

Acecom Builder Sdn Bhd

Thank you Genesis Copywriting Services. They helped us to draft a great company profile. We were extremely happy with his service. The detail of our business was clearly understood with the copy of profile reflecting exactly our requirements.

C.N. Tan

Mabul Ocean Seafood Sdn Bhd

We developed a great partnership with Genesis Copywriting Services and their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach. Thanks so much for doing a great job!

Wilson Chong

Top Kim Oil Sdn Bhd


Dato Sri Max Goh

Goh Son Retail Sdn Bhd

我们做 IT 服务,经常有客户问起,有没有好的 Copywriting 公司介绍,我们会第一个推荐 Genesis Copywriting,并且把他们介绍给我们的客户。

Multicom Computer Enterprise

我们公会的网站丶周年特刊,包括我自己的公司,全部文案都委托 Genesis Copywriting 撰写,服务很好,我个人和全体理事都很满意,我把他们介绍给我的商家朋友和其他公会,他们的撰写服务,值得推荐给大家。

Mr Ng Hock Leng

Malaysia Bakery, Biscuit, Confectionery, Mee And Kuay Teow Merchants’ Association

学院自10多年前创立以来,一共翻新过3次网站,3次都找Genesis Copywriting帮我们写内容,他们写的网站内容,对我们招生有很大帮助,报名的成功率很高,我有朋友要写网站,一定推荐Genesis Copywriting。

Chef Siew

Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn Bhd

我是一名网络营销导师,曾经介绍我的学生给Genesis Copywriting商讨广告文案项目。我认识了有3年多,他們是非常有经验的文案大师,为人低调乐於助人;他們的文案功力深不可测,更难得的是慷慨分享经验给我这些在文案的初学者。。。如果您想找人写出最适合您公司的文案,非他莫属!

Mark Goh

Mark Goh Training House Sdn Bhd

Thank you so much for the great service and smooth communication. Your design and copywriting team is very efficient! Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Nelson Tan (Director)

RCS Sdn Bhd

Genesis copywriting service has done a splendid job on making our company profile professionally. From gathering our company’s information, to translating and designing, they’ve gotten through with us step by step even though we’re not in the same state. Very well done.

Tang Wan Yin (CEO)

Peanut Butter Creative Studio (M) Sdn Bhd

Appreciated you and your team's efforts and prompt action taken to complete our entire company profile in a short time. It was perfect! Your team commitment to produce the quality material is really amazement! We are satisfying with contents written and my pleasure to having you guys to complete our company profile. In addition to the writing skill is very in place as to making me to strongly recommended that to engage the Genesis services rendered!!

Camie Tang (Director)

CTG Realty Sdn Bhd