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Translation into 3 languages—
English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia

Our professional translators can translate any text into English, Chinese and/or Bahasa Malaysia. We have extensive expertise to translate a wide range of fields. Apart from general business translation, a number of more challenging translation fields are also included:

Medicine, finance, insurance, law, traditional Chinese medicine, chemistry etc.

For your guaranteed satisfaction,
we offer a trial translation service

To ensure your complete satisfaction with the good quality translation, Genesis Copywriting Services offers a ‘trial translation’ program. This program is meant to build up the confidence of first-time customers, so that they will keep entrusting translation projects to us. *

For instance, if your original text is of a certain length, you can assign a part of it, e.g. 3 or 4 paragraphs for us to translate, and only entrust the whole project to us when you are satisfied with the trial translation.

*For trial translation, you must give us the entire text so that we can grasp the overall context.

* We strictly abide by the privacy policy


1How do you deal with a text that is full of technical names such as medical, chemical, legal terms etc.?

We pass this type of projects to translators with the relevant professional knowledge. After the translation is completed, it is proofread by another professional translator. The proofreading work includes data check, grammar, and style embellishment.

2How do you charge?

We charge on word count per translation job. If need be, email your original text to us for a free quote. Please note that the text must be in Microsoft Words (100% confidentiality guaranteed for your document).

3Do you charge for trial translation?

Yes, we do. A trial translation job is also charged based on actual word count. If you entrust the translation project to us, the trial translation fee will be deducted out from the actual fee for the entire job.

4 Can translated texts be revised?

We provide 3 revisions free of charge.


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