Business Plans Are Important Business Documents, Best Left to Business Writing Experts

There is this stereotyped impression that a business plan is compiled solely for the purpose of getting corporate financing. In actual fact, a good business plan is also a very useful tool to expand the business and develop new projects.

Pursuant to the types and uses of past business plans, we hereby summarize the different classes of business plans as well as the copywriting services that we provide.

Besides Financing, Business Plans Offer the Following Uses

Corporate financing

A Business Plan Is the Most Important Stepping Stone to Corporate Financing

A remarkable business plan is a critical stepping stone to get loans or investments or to raise funds, whether from a financial institution, corporation, individuals or the public.

A business plan is a vital prerequisite to corporate financing. We have written numerous business plans targeted at financial institutions (such as banks), venture capital companies, government agencies, individual investors in private equity, the general public and so on.

Cross-industry cooperation

How do you venture into cooperation without a sound business plan?

In this scenario, an enterprise that is eying for a business opportunity writes a plan to a related company to seek mutual cooperation opportunities or jointly develop a new project. This is a business plan that seeks active collaboration between two companies.

For instance, Company A, a sand brick factory, has a new business project that can reduce costs and increase profits. It writes and offers a business plan to a cement factory, seeking mutually beneficial collaboration. This constitutes an enterprise-to-enterprise business plan.

Recruitment of Business Partners

Business Venture Prospectus Inspires Joining with Ease of Mind

A business venture prospectus is the order of the day when a shopping mall wishes to recruit store operators, when a company woos investors to join its business, or when an enterprise wants to recruit agents and so on.

A business venture prospectus represents a business plan written by an enterprise for another enterprise or potential investors, with the primary objective of expanding an existing business and carving a greater market share. A good plan can make the participants more confident in your business model and market, thereby facilitating business venture partnership.

Brand Agent

Posing As the Ultimate Choice with a Business Plan!

If a Malaysian enterprise wishes to bring in and become the authorized regional agent or master agent for an overseas brand, product or business, its business plan is the most crucial success factor.

As an example, we have written a business plan for a domestic F&B group that wished to bring in a popular F&B brand from China. The business plan served as an important document for the group to negotiate with the China company for the authorized dealership in Malaysia.

Another example would be a financially strong auto tire dealer who intended to bring in a renowned overseas brand of tire . To become the Malaysian dealer for the overseas brand, a business plan is a prerequisite for acquiring the authorized dealership.

Fundraising for a new business start-up

Raising Fund for New Business Is As Easy As One Two Three with a Business Plan!

A business plan represents a blueprint for a new business venture as well as business expansion. We have written business plans for some new start-ups to successfully raise funds and kick-start their businesses.

From past experience, we know that a fundraising business plan is primarily written for friends, relatives and classmates of new entrepreneurs. It must be written in a comprehensive, orderly fashion to give potential investors a crystal clear concept of the start-up and, at the same time, mitigate their worries to boost the chance of investment.

Investment Plan

A Clear As Day Business Plan Makes the Investment More Attractive

This refers to the initiative of a company to elucidate the nature of an investment project via a business plan. This type of business plan usually involves two sections—a company profile and an investment plan—for the perusal of general investors.

For example, a farming company that cultivates some highly profitable plants may want to explain the investment plan to investors through a convincing business plan. We have written such business plans before, including those for crop investments, a golden Arowana investment plan etc.


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