Thank you for your enquiries.

Appended below is the Standard Operating Procedure for our copywriting protocol:

When you confirm us as the copywriter to write your landing page, we will do the following 4 processes in accordance with our SOP:

Face-to-face Interview

An experienced copywriter will be sent, by appointment*, to interview you in person or via webcam, the entire interview of which is recorded to facilitate the copywriting process.

  1. Before the interview, please give us any existing corporate profile, website or Facebook (if any) so that we can get some basic understanding of your enterprise.
  2. If the Landing Page is going to sell products, services, courses or seminars, we have to see the products or at least look at past photos/videos and so on, so that our copywriter can garner all related data about the products etc.
  3. If possible, you should also get some staff highly conversant about the products or services, such as frontline salespeople or product executives, to attend the meeting.
  4. Upon completing the interview, the senior copywriter will inform you of the date of submission of the first draft (which is usually 7 working days).
  5. In the event that some supporting documents are required (e.g. certificates), we will ask for them during the interview, so that they can be sent to us via email subsequently.

*All our senior copywriters have more than 15 years of copywriting experience.


Professional Copywriting

After the interview, the copywriter will proceed with the job.Should we have any queries or need some extra information, the copywriter will liaise with you.

  1. Upon completion, the texts will be passed to another copywriter and proofreader for meticulous proofreading;
  2. In the event that you sign up for a bilingual or trilingual package, we shall complete one language first. The other language(s) will be submitted later.
  3. If you sign up for a bilingual or trilingual package, the texts in respective languages will be proofread to ensure that the contents are concise and consistent.
  4. The texts will be embellished to ensure that the contents are a good read, absolutely smooth, effective and convincing.

Write-up Submission

The embellished texts will be sent to you via email, and you will be given sufficient time, normally 3 to 5 days, to peruse it thoroughly.


Free Revision

There shall be 2 revisions FOC for the texts. If there are any amendments, we shall revise the text based on your requirements and instructions.

  1. It is advisable for you to highlight the specific paragraphs or lines that need to be refined.
  2. We are obligated to remind you that the amendments you propose may not be beneficial to your company. However, the final decision to amend, or otherwise, is yours to make.