Playing a vital role in sales, landing pages represent one of the most popular forms of internet marketing.

There are two types of landing pages. The copywriting service we provide is inclined towards ‘transactional landing page’.

(The other type is called ‘reference landing page’)

Powerful Sales Intent, Intense Firepower on One Page!

We write landing pages with the most sophisticated skills to exhibit a powerful sales intent, with intense firepower focused on a single page to convince and urge your target customer group:

(Of course there are other uses for landing pages, but they are too numerous to be listed here)

No Nonsense, No Redundant Words, Full Firepower for a Strike!

A landing page should not be lengthy. Instead, it must be a logical text that is succinct, with no redundant words at all. With every word reverberating sales prowess, it aims straight at the target customer group and hits the bull’s-eye with full firepower!

Landing pages can vary according to different industries and changing situations, yet they remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes. The landing page layout of most international brands does not deviate from the ‘three-act’ model.

Three-act Copywriting, Sprightly & Fast-paced

By focusing full firepower on a single page, landing pages ‘do one thing and one thing only’, which is to encourage an easy, sprightly and fast-paced read, thereby inducing an action from the readers.

The ‘three-act copywriting’ refers to an attractive beginning, a convincing middle section and an ending with a powerful sales undertone, bent on luring readers to ‘walk in’ step by step for that ‘final goal’—the readers pressing the ‘call-for-action’ button!

Note: Terms and conditions apply to whether the purpose of ‘buying your products or signing up for your services’ is achieved.

We know that you have good product and services, and that you wish to focus all your sales power on a single page. All that is lacking now is a copywriter to ignite and detonate the firepower of your landing page!

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