High-Quality Content Arises from the Professional Writing Process

Content Planning

Planning valuable content to make you a leader in the competition

As a company focusing primarily on content writing, the first critical step in writing a company profile or website content is "content planning," i.e., what should be written in the profile or website.

There is no standard format, as every industry and each company’s story are unique. Therefore, when planning the content, the experience of the writer is crucial, and we take into consideration two essential aspects when we plan the content:

Present your business in a favourable light;
Select and write about topics that make you more competitive.

These four types of content will make customers prioritise you!

A company profile or website with mediocre content tends to weaken your competitiveness in the market. Thus, when it comes to content planning, we will highlight the following four points:

Content that is helpful to your business or sales;
Content that makes people feel good about your business;
Content that boosts your brand image;
Content that makes you the “top priority” in your customer’s mind.

(Meaning what we say, we always keep our word)




Face-to-face Interview

Pro-competitive details are hidden in interviews

If we want to write simple, mediocre content, it is enough to send you a questionnaire to answer. However, a face-to-face interview is necessary to write competitive content for a company profile or website.

You know the needs of your customers best. You are most familiar with your competitors and most aware of your advantages over them. Therefore, with a keen business sense and questioning skills, our copywriters capture the critical topics from the interview most beneficial to your competition.

During the face-to-face interview, materials that are valuable to your competition are often inadvertently unearthed. Screening and refining these materials can produce content conducive to your competition.

Content Writing

Content like this makes it easy for your customers to get to know you

There are texts with different tastes and paces. While some are easy to read, some are more difficult. When we write your company profile or website copy, we strive to achieve the following results:

  • Our choice of words is elegant and not lowbrow to enhance your corporate image;
  • The text comes in short sentences with a lively rhythm to make it easy to read and comprehend;
  • The text is always concise, straight to the point, and easy to understand to achieve the purpose of “read once and understand all.”


Satisfied Customers


 Industry Categories


The content comprises multiple short articles, each with an additional heading covering every competitive aspect.

We will attach 1 or 2 headings to each article when we write your company profile or website content. These headings offer the following reading benefits to your customers:

  • They are attracted to reading the content and getting to know you quickly;
  • The reading burden is reduced to enable them to grasp the gist of the article quickly;
  • Help improve website ranking on SEO.

Professional Procedure

We set up these measures for good content to give the text a better quality

Proof-readers meticulously check all our texts to ensure they are of high quality, the specific work of which includes:

Monolingual Text Proofreading

Grammar, sentence fluency, accurate word usage, etc., are checked. At the same time, scrutiny is conducted in various aspects, such as the names of places, special terms, etc.

Bilingual/ Trilingual Text Proofreading

The proofreading work is the same as the above ‘monolingual text’. In addition, a bilingual or trilingual content comparison is performed to ensure that the texts in different languages are consistent.

Commitment to Originality

Exclusive customized writing, 100% original, no plagiarism or repetition

We offer this commitment in terms of content originality:

Cost Reduction

Why pay more when you can save cost?

Most companies lack professional writers, be it a company profile or website design. Outsourcing content writing is thus a common practice. However, when outsourcing cost is added to the total copywriting package, it often results in a higher fee.

We have several professional writers, and since 2004, more than 1,500 companies have used our writing services. In short, we can help you save some money on “content writing”, which is enough to make one more website!

Choose Wisely

Smart Investment

Expenditure that does not add value to the business is "waste", but spending that can bring business opportunities or profits is "investment".

Get the right person to do the right thing

Let us create a profitable business profile or website for you