Competitive Website Copywriting Services

Strange phenomenon

Is your website a "vending machine" or an "album"?

Does your company website exhibit any of the following strange phenomena?

  • The website displays many products for sale and completes the purchase function. However, it still looks more like a "vending machine" because it lacks a competitive text.
  • There are many company, factory, or project pictures in the website content. However, the website is made up of mostly pictures, so much so that it looks very much like an "album".

If any of the above situations occur, your company website offers minimal information and fails to convey information that makes your company competitive. It is going to put you at a significant disadvantage in the competition.

Common problems in the industry

The following situations are common. Do you face this problem too?

When you entrust an ordinary website designer to design your website, you are bound to encounter the following problems:

  • The website company is only responsible for the design and does not provide copywriting service, so you need to deliver the content;
  • Even if copywriting service is provided, the following situations might take place:
  • Only mediocre content, with 2 to 3 pages, is written;
  • The content is sorted out from your old product catalogue;
  • The content is a simple consolidation of information extracted from an online search.
  • The project often gets stuck due to a lack of copywriting, seriously delaying design progress.

Don't let your website lack information or reduce it to a "decoration" for your business!

A website should be a powerful tool for you to compete online. What can help you defeat your competitors online and gain the upper hand is "competitive copywriting", which is conducive to sales and marketing.

The competitiveness of website content should be entrusted to professional copywriters

Web designers are professionally trained in design, while text content creation falls under the copywriting category. These are two different professions and skills among which copywriters write website content.

Website copywriter

We arrange for such a copywriter to write the content for you

Professionally trained in writing, with a professional background in the same

We are professional "website copywriters" who can write competitive website content for you. We exhibit the following salient points in terms of background:

  • Our chief writer has been engaged in writing for more than 20 years. He used to be a feature journalist for daily newspapers and business magazines, a commercial writer for TV stations (RTM2 and TV3) and has written columns for many daily newspapers and magazines.
  • One of the members graduated from the UK and lived there for several years, specialising in commercial copywriting for many years. Although he is Chinese, his first language is English.
  • Another colleague, who has been in the media for about 30 years, is proficient in 3 languages. He has written for many magazines and various industrial and commercial articles. He has never stopped writing for 30 years.
  • Last but not least, this team member has been working as a journalist for a famed magazine for more than 20 years. He has won the following Magazine Publishers Association (MPA) awards for three consecutive years:
  • 2012 Merit Award
  • 2013 Bronze Award
  • 2014 Silver Award

Our copywriting team possesses the following strengths

Professional career background in writing
A keen sense of content marketing
Years of experience in website copywriting

Competitiveness index

These five kinds of content will make customers prioritise you!

We have written website content for hundreds of businesses. Endowed with professional strengths and experience, we can write the following website content for you to boost your competitiveness:

  • Content that is helpful to your business or sales;
  • Content that makes people feel good about your business;
  • Content that boosts your brand image;
  • Some additional content that is beneficial to you based on our experience;
    (The additional content shall be based on facts)
  • Content that makes you the “top priority” in your customer’s mind.

SEO Keyword Copywriting

Copywriting is written not only for customers but also for search engine

Apart from SEO setting, copywriting is an essential factor that affects the ranking of a website in search engine, that is, whether it can squeeze into the first page. To this end, we write your website copy in full accordance with the SEO ranking rules.

  • We use professional SEO keyword verification technology to evaluate your SEO competitiveness accurately.
  • We find out the keywords that are beneficial to you and then choose short-tail keywords or long-tail keywords according to the level of competition; *
  • We look for keywords with "high traffic" and "high value" to write your website content; **
  • We search and analyse the keywords used by your opponents and then write more competitive content than their SEO ranking.

*This is an SEO competition strategy; short-tail keywords have high traffic but a low conversion rate.

**The two items have different effects. We search for exact keywords rather than guessing.

Having completed the above keyword and data analysis, we will do these important things for you

  • We will plan the thematic content and article layout according to the search intent of SEO users (planning content is significant because it affects the SEO effect tremendously);
  • We know what kind of SEO content and text structure is more beneficial to your website in terms of SEO ranking;
  • Since there are 12 kinds of SEO content, we will select the type that is most beneficial to you in terms of competitiveness and write content that adheres to SEO rules;
  • When your website goes online, we optimise the SEO content based on data.

Style of writing

Easy comprehend, only one read is needed, and brand image enhanced

The use of words can exhibit different levels of taste, different reading paces, and different degrees of comprehensibility. When we are writing competitive content for your website, we strive to achieve the following effects:

  • Crude wording cannot build a brand image. Our choice of words is always elegant, taking into account your corporate image;
  • Our writing style agrees well with the reading taste of modern people, making the content a quick, easy read in limited time and patience;
  • The content, written in short sentences, can be read quickly, letting readers grasp the content that is beneficial to you rather quickly.

Website content editor

Content properly edited; website navigation arranged

Website easier to design after getting the content

We will sort out the written content properly to make it more logical. In terms of copywriting sequence, we will do the following three things for you:

  • Relevant text will be weaved into the same page so that your customers can get to know you more easily and quickly;
  • Website navigation will be properly weaved and named;
  • "Call to Action" (CTA for short) will be added in appropriate places.

Experience & background

We have the following backgrounds to get twice the result with half the effort

We are not newcomers to website copywriting. We have been doing website copywriting since 2004. When it comes to website copywriting, we have these relevant backgrounds:

  • We cooperate with many website designers who outsource their website projects to us upon receiving them.
  • We also offer website design services, specialising in website planning and copywriting.

Don't miss out on any business!

The website is an important weapon to improve competitiveness. When customers browse your website, they compare you with your competitors, and competitive content is the key to retaining customers. Don't let the orders slip to your rivals because you do not have competitive website content.

More than 1,500 corporations across the country have used our copywriting service

*Since 2004, we have completed two company contents per week on average

As an internet marketing tutor, I have introduced my students to Genesis Copywriting Services to discuss advertisement write-ups. I have known them for over three years. They are very experienced copywriting guru, always helpful and keeping a low profile. Their copywriting skills are profound and intense, but what has impressed me more is that they are willing to share their expertise generously with copywriting beginners like me! If you are looking for someone to write the most appropriate texts for your company, he is the one!

Mark Goh (Mark Goh Training House Sdn Bhd)

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