Professionally trained in writing

Mainstream media career background

Over 20 years of experience in business writing

Professional copywriting makes the content even more competitive

Our copywriters have a background in mass communication and journalism, with professional training in copywriting. We have experience serving as reporters in mainstream media, giving us a keen sense of creating high-quality business content. With years of expertise, we are well-equipped to deliver quality content for you.

  • Our chief copywriter boasts 20 years of copywriting experience. He was the chief editor and columnist for many renowned daily newspapers and business magazines. He was also the copywriter for business programs in RTM2 and TV3.
  • One of our team members, highly proficient in English, Chinese, and Malay, has worked in a media company for almost 30 years. He has written articles for many magazines and all sorts of business texts and has been writing non-stop all his life.
  • Another member of the team is a ‘banana.’ Though an ethnic Chinese, his ‘mother tongue’ is English. He graduated from the UK and has lived there for a few years. Backed with many years of copywriting experience, he is proficient in commercial copywriting and serves as a senior court interpreter (magistrate and high courts).
  • Last but not least, this team member has been working as a journalist for a famed magazine for more than 20 years. He has won the following Magazine Publishers Association (MPA) awards for three consecutive years:
  • 2012 Merit Award
  • 2013 Bronze Award
  • 2014 Silver Award

Each of our copywriters possesses the ability to write beautifully and independently. We write all texts; there is strictly no outsourcing.

Professional Background

We offer the following four key advantages compared with mediocre writers

Copywriters with a professional writing background can bring you the following benefits when writing a company profile or website content:


Interview questioning skills. We will dig out all sorts of crucial information beneficial to you through specific questions.


With a keen sense of sales, we will quickly capture the key points that can boost your competitiveness and clearly express them.


Good at organizing fragmented information, we will establish your company story and transform it into a fascinating narrative.


With concise writing skills, we will lay out the complex information in an easy-to-understand manner while maintaining fluency.

Focus & Professionalism

We make things more precise & specialized, not longer & more complicated

Company profile and website design are like a container; the content is its core. The business goal of creating a company profile or website is not just to make a gorgeous design but to enhance your company's competitiveness through content.

Leveraging our professional background, we have been focusing on providing text-related services since 2004, especially company profiles and websites (copywriting or writing + design). As long as it is within our scope of services, we are confident that we can write content of higher quality than other copywriters.

For us who have received professional writing training and have a professional writing background, copywriting constitutes our most confident and sure-footed expertise. We are focused on what we excel at, with precision and expertise, rather than doing more.

Trilingual Contents

More languages, more markets
We help you break down language marketing barriers

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic society, with the Malay population accounting for 70% of the market. One more language means one more market. We have professional writers in different languages to provide English, Chinese, and Malay content to help you break down language barriers.

  • In Genesis, all languages are written by hand instead of using translation websites or software.
  • Our package is based primarily on English, but you can add a Chinese or Malay version. We are here to meet all your needs.

19 years of cumulative experience, abundant strength meticulously honed

If the past is for you to prepare for the future, now is the best time to entrust your project to us.