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We are a design company specializing in content writing as our core business.


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Started in 2004, our company is one of the few marketing teams in Malaysia that provides copywriting in English, Chinese and Malay by transforming highly competitive content into 'company profiles' and 'company websites.'

Our copywriters have received professional writing training and have been engaged in writing work for more than 20 years. Having worked in mainstream media, they have a professional writing background and solid business writing experience. For many years, we have only focused on 'company profile' and 'company website' services requiring high-quality content.





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Our Two Most Confident & Masterful Services

Competitive Profile, Competitive Website

We are very well-versed in content writing and design in two major areas: business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C).

Our specialties are 'copywriting services' and 'copywriting + design.'

Content Writing

Company profile, website text, business plan, business proposal, SEO website articles

Company Profile Design

Copywriting + photography + design

Company Website Design

Copywriting + photography + design

Competitive Content

Company Profile & Company Website

Copywriting A Competitive Content

Whether it is a 'company profile' or 'company website', we will write highly competitive content to improve your competitiveness, beat your competitors in content, and make potential customers prioritize you!

We endeavor to write the following content for your 'company profile' or 'company website':

Content that is helpful to your business or sales;
Content that makes people feel good about your business;
Content that boosts your brand image;
Some additional content that is beneficial to you based on our experience;
(The additional content shall be based on facts)
Content that makes you the 'top priority' in your customer’s mind.

Face-to-face Interview

Face-to-face in-depth interview to write content that sets you apart from the competition

Before designing and writing the content for your 'company profile' or 'company website', we will conduct a face-to-face interview.

The benefits of a face-to-face interview:

Profound Insight

From the interview, we will obtain valuable materials to enhance your competitiveness.

Comprehensive Content

The interview will cover all aspects of your competition.

Improved Customization

From the interview, we will create bespoke content for your business.

Company Profile

Not just a simple & mediocre introduction, but one that prioritizes you among customers!

The 'company profile' or 'company website' that we produce displays the following vital highlights:

Rich Content

Multiple chapters cover every aspect of the competition.


Demonstrate your strength and add value to the brand to win confidence.


The content is easy to read and understand, with fluent sentences and well-scripted words.

Commercial Style Design

It includes pictures and text to give comfortable reading and enhance your brand image.

Company Website

When your competitors have websites
You need an even more competitive one

The 'company websites' we produce exhibit the following salient points:

  • Graphics and Texts: Magazine-like graphics and text are in a good balance to stop readers from yawning;
  • Rich Information: Rich Content, Easy to Read and Understand and easy to navigate;
  • Competitive: Enhance customer confidence in you and give you priority;
  • Complete Functions: CTA, communication, etc., to guide customers to take further actions.

("CTA" is short for "Call To Action")

Why Choose Us?

We have been offering company profile and website design services since 2004, reducing the risk of no follow-up services for your company profile and website.
We offer one-stop services such as content writing, photography, and design, so you do not have to look for different services here and there, minimizing your trouble.
We have experienced professional copywriters, so you do not need extra money to hire writers. It will reduce the production cost of your company profile or website design.

Since its inception, the Academy has revamped its website 3 times, and Genesis Copywriting was commissioned to do that every time. The website they wrote is highly instrumental to our student recruitment drive, generating a good success rate in registration. If my friends wish to write a website, I will always recommend Genesis Copywriting.

Chef Siew
Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn Bhd

We commission Genesis Copywriting to write the website, anniversary bulletins and all written texts of the Association and my own company. They offer excellent services with which all the Association directors and I find highly satisfactory, so much so that I always recommend them to my peers and other associations. Their copywriting services deserve my best recommendation.

Mr Ng Hock Leng
Malaysia Bakery, Biscuit, Confectionery, Mee And Kuay Teow Merchants’ Association

I commissioned Genesis Copywriting Services to write the website content of Chinese Entrepreneurs Association Kuala Lumpur & Selangor as well as the company profile for my own personal business. Very satisfied with their services and the copywriting contents, we would like to recommend them to all interested parties.

Dato’ Nick Ng
Chinese Entrepreneurs Association Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Thanks to Genesis Copywriting, the website was finally launched. Genesis Copywriting Services and the team were very professional and gave our company a lot of ideas. The copywriting was very unique and brought out our company’s strengths directly, and gave us more advice, thank you very much! Recommended!

Miss Haye
MyChoices Mortgage Solutions(Hong Kong)

As an internet marketing tutor, I have introduced my students to Genesis Copywriting Services to discuss advertisement write-ups. I have known them for over three years. They are very experienced copywriting guru, always helpful and keeping a low profile. Their copywriting skills are profound and intense, but what has impressed me more is that they are willing to share their expertise generously with copywriting beginners like me! If you are looking for someone to write the most appropriate texts for your company, he is the one!

Mark Goh
Mark Goh Training House Sdn Bhd

Genesis Copywriting Services is a reliable partner we have worked with for a long time. The services provided by their team have always been satisfactory and have been of invaluable assistance to our Chamber, especially in the area of content writing. They are highly recommended.

Prof Dr. Ng Po Kok (President)
Malaysia Hwang Chamber Of Commerce

More than 1,500 corporations across the country have used our copywriting service

*Since 2004, we have completed two company contents per week on average