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International brand authorized distributor
May 8, 2020
Contractor and crane rental company
June 22, 2020
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Four years ago, we were commissioned to write the corporate profile for this real estate company. Four years later, the company crossed a new milestone in its development history by making a new brand and building a new image. We were rehired by this old client to write something brand new for them.

CTG Realty is a remarkable real estate company. It makes a mark in the real estate industry with integrity, as signified by the company’s Chinese name. The company focuses on apartments, new properties, shops, factories, the secondary market, leases etc.

The corporate profile written by us primarily targets housing development companies and property owners, with the aim of realizing a greater number of new property sales and leases.

The writing commission this time round was successfully completed, in an exceedingly smooth manner, because of the company’s absolute trust in our professional copywriting. We have established a close rapport after the business collaboration, as is the case with many other customers.