Plaster ceiling contractor

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Glass and aluminium window manufacturer
April 22, 2020
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An expert team in video production
May 4, 2020
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This corporate profile was written, just as many others in the past, with the aim of bidding for large projects with housing developers and main contractors. In a nutshell, the content must elicit a ‘favorable response in terms of priority’ from them.

What type of content would make them hand over their projects to you without a worry? What type of layout would make them appreciate your professionalism? What must we write to boost their confidence? How should we word it to give an indelible impression of your brand? All this, and much more, can be seen in this corporate profile.

We have written about other related industries before, such as a plaster ceiling manufacturing plant in Butterworth as well as a contractor in Batu Gajah, Perak. Experienced and well-versed, we took up this writing project with a great deal of confidence.

Since the completion of the first project, we have been following up with the company on its development, and have been further commissioned to update the corporate profile, website content, and video script to keep the corporate profile in its most competitive state.