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First Thing First in Writing a Beneficial Content for You

Face to face interview

An interview is the most important task before copywriting. For all the business writing services we provide, we always start with a face-to-face interview.

An interview is the most crucial process for custom-made copywriting. The interview, relaxing yet rigorous, is a source of inspiration for us to obtain important information such as marketing initiatives that matter the most to you, and to write an awe-inspiring content.

Laced with marketing acumen, we will ask questions that are conducive to marketing, but we will not lay out your answers in a straightforward manner, since it would be just a recount of your narratives, which does not boost sales and marketing in any way.

The following 3 points are of the utmost significance:

  • We will ask you questions that are conducive to sales and marketing, but will not write the entire content of your answers verbatim.
  • You may not be able to give a full account, or may have omitted some key contents, but we will complement your account with other beneficial contents as we deem fit.
  • After assimilating the interview content, the final script may show some changes and whitewashing, or with some of the basic facts embellished to make the content more conducive to your sales and marketing efforts.

We Install Double Measures to Improve the Standard of Copywriting

Professional Procedure

All business texts written by us are done so in accordance with a standard operating procedure, one crucial item of which is proofreading. This is to ensure that every business text attains the highest professional quality. In business term, this is ‘quality control’.

When a copywriter completes a text, he checks it personally and passes it to a professional proofreader for proofreading, whose job includes the following:

proofreading icon2-01

Monolingual text proofreading

Grammar check, fluency of sentences, concise use of words, data verification, names of places, special terms, consistent vocabulary etc.

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Bilingual/ trilingual text proofreading

The proofreading work is the same as the above ‘monolingual text’. In addition, a bilingual or trilingual content comparison is performed to ensure that the texts in different languages are consistent.

A senior proofreader is responsible for correcting mistakes and revising the text. When the proofreading work is done, the copywriter amends the text accordingly. This proofreading protocol is specially set up to uplift all written texts to a higher standard.

We Despise Secondary Creation, Which Is Plagiarism in Disguise!

We do not engage in secondary creation, a term that refers to ‘refining and integrating other people’s existing texts’.

As an example, a copywriter refers to the corporate profiles or websites of his client’s competitors, then adapt a few versions and rewrite his own version, ostensibly ‘original’ despite very similar content. Some call it plagiarism in disguise.

The deficiencies of secondary creations include:

  • The actual content is not tailor-made. Most often, it is very superficial, or even narrates other people’s story altogether (since it is adapted from someone else’s version).
  • The content of a secondary creation usually fails to point out the differential advantages of your company and products. Grossly lacking in competitive advantages, it is not conducive to your sales and marketing efforts at all.

Each Script 100% Original and Never Used in Other Scripts

Every script we write is custom-made in accordance with your need. We guarantee that each script is original, and we will never reuse old scripts or use the same script for 2 companies.

We have written for over 200 industries, and even for multiple companies in the same industry. Examples of such industries include recycled plastic as well as interior design and decoration etc. However, we never reuse old scripts on new customers.

We promise that, if you caught us using an old script on your company, we would refund 100% unconditionally!

*This commitment does not cover other people copying our scripts.

‘Professionalism’ is not just simple sentence polishing We define it differently

We define ‘professionalism’ as resilient adaptation to changes in the times, a state of incessant, progressive upgrade in expertise in a step-by-step manner. As in the past, as in the future.

The Copyright of the Script We Write for You Is Fully Protected

Malaysia may be a civilized country, but ‘plagiarism’ still seems to be the order of the day.

We take copywriting protection very seriously. In order to protect your right and interest, we have gone all out to appoint a law firm as our long-term legal adviser on copyright. If the copy we write for your company is plagiarized in whole or in part without your prior permission, we would definitely take legal action on your behalf!

We Impose Confidentiality Agreements to Keep Your Trade Secrets 100% Safe

Many a time, the contents we write involve trade secrets, e.g. some corporate profiles and proposals, and they dictate strict observation on confidentiality.

This is especially true for business plans, the contents of which are trade secrets that must not be disclosed to outsiders. We accord 100% confidentiality and are more than happy to sign the customer’s confidentiality agreement.


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