Stylistic Writing

Like a sculptor taking up his sculpting knife, he brandishes his brush to revise a text, making it more stylistic and readable.

Fashionable men and women love to make up because it makes them look more beautiful. Likewise, a text needs a proper makeup. After some stylization, it will become a smoother and livelier read.

Your company may already have a corporate profile, a website content or a business propaganda etc. that needs to be stylized. We are here to offer our stylization service.

We will stylize your original text, the work of which includes straightening out sentences and verbal embellishment to smooth out the content, making the text fuller and more readable.



Does this service mean rewriting the text?

Stylization is totally different from rewriting. In stylization, we straighten out sentences, embellish the text with more appropriate words to improve the text. We do not rewrite it.


What languages does your stylization service apply to?

It applies to English and Chinese texts.


Do you change the special terms during the stylization process?

There exist special terms in every field. We don’t normally change the special terms in the stylization process.


How do you charge?

You can email us your original text, and we will quote you accordingly.

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