Engineering in cold storage preservation system

Durian Export
April 22, 2020
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April 22, 2020

BioFresh, a world-renowned engineering enterprise in cold storage preservation system that is headquartered in Spain, boasts of a large and exclusive R&D center, with branches and dealers spanning the 5 continents.

This cold storage preservation system can remove ethylene effectively to accomplish preservation, antibacterial and deodorizing effects, keep cold storage seafood as well as fruit and vegetables fresher for a longer period, thereby reducing wastage due to rotten food.

Our task is to present this cold storage technology in a simple but professional manner so that fruit and vegetable as well as seafood wholesalers can gain an immediate insight in one read.

The corporate profile, not meant to be a technical report for experts, had to be written in a plain, easily comprehensible language in order to reach to general businessmen. More importantly, it must pique the interest to purchase among potential customers.

The challenge lies in turning a difficult-to-understand technology into plain, easy-to-understand narratives full of professionalism, but we did it, much to the client’s delight and satisfaction!