DBKL’s contractor

Corporate Profile Content
Interior design and renovation contractor
April 20, 2020
Fruit importer/exporter
April 21, 2020
Corporate Profile

DBKL’s largest public infrastructure contractor, they have completed numerous government projects of all sizes over the past 20 odd years.

Since they needed to put down their strong, remarkable background in ink, they hired us to rewrite their corporate profile, with the aim of getting projects from other state governments and taking their business to a new milestone.

The corporate profile submitted to state governments must have a well-knit text and beautifully refined words, with supporting documents annexed in the appropriate places, so that the main text and the appendix reinforce each other seamlessly.

We were commissioned to write their corporate profile and website content. When the project was successfully completed, and the trust sufficiently built up, we were fortunate to get a new commission to do the website content of another housing development company of the group.