You Must Get This Type of Copywriter

6 major benefit of corporate profile
The Importance of a corporate profile
May 11, 2020

Though everyone can be a copywriter, most of them lack a good sense of marketing. Only a copywriter with keen marketing acumen can write a highly competitive profile to pique the interest of your customers and become your number one choice.

In journalism, some journalists are born with a keen sense for sensational news, which helps them single out a piece of seemingly insignificant news and build it into an intriguing article.

Conversely, a less discerning journalist often misses out on interesting topics lying right in front of him. Even while he is conducting an interview, he may misses some key points that can be woven into an outstanding story.

For instance, even if an interviewee accidentally divulges his inner feeling that might give a climactic conclusion to a news report, the less discerning journalist might totally miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

The same principle applies to company profile and business website copywriting. A keen marketing acumen definitely makes more competitive masterpieces.

For example, when we need to put down some good, explicit materials in words to facilitate marketing, a non-discerning rookie copywriter might kill the opportunity by touching upon it very briefly or omitting it altogether.

A fish swimming in the water for too long may be oblivious of the water. Likewise, business executives may not be aware of their key selling points.

While focusing too much on price competition and stock quality, an entrepreneur who has opened several specialty stores for women’s yoga outfit may just overlook the important fact that women’s sportswear is also a fashion, one that makes women more confident and beautiful in sports.

In his book entitled ‘Write to Sell: The Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting’, the world’s top B2B copywriter Andy Maslen reminds us that the benefits of a product can be viewed from more than 20 angles.

Oftentimes, sales highlights are not salient. We must observe carefully, listen intently and dig deeper with sensitive market insight, not just giving a me-too version of what the competitions write.

Whereas a non-discerning rookie copywriter lacks the initiative to dig for less salient points, and just writes what you tell him to write, the veteran copywriter will ponder, put two and two together with great insight to come up with a masterpiece that maximizes your product benefits and sales effectiveness.