A Website Devoid of a Remarkable Text Is Like a Speechless Salesman

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May 11, 2020
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In this era of the internet, a business website acts like another major outlet for a company. Every outlet needs a salesman to introduce the company as well as its product and services, telling customers why we are better than others.

The aesthetic design of a website is akin to the attractive refurbishment of an outlet, through which a company’s image and taste are magnificently portrayed. The layout of a website is crucial because it exerts the same effect of making shoppers feel comfortable in a physical store.

An outlet naturally needs a sales assistant, the person who determines the sales performance. A salesman with the gift of the gab knows how to sell your products and leave an indelible impression of your brand, so that in times of need, customers would think of your products first.

The text of a website acts like a smooth-talking sales assistant. While an uninteresting content deserves only a quick read, a ‘smooth-talking’ one is often a sales champion. Just look at those sales aces in physical stores, which one of them is not a smooth talker?

A website without a remarkable text is just like a speechless salesman, killing the best product and services. Never expect an ordinary text, which is very much like a tongue-tied salesman, to increase your sales.

The aesthetics of your website is important, yet ordinarily, shoppers do not buy your products because of an alluring design. To a much greater extent, what inspires sales is the website text.

If you open a physical store, you have to hire a few smooth-talking sales assistants, but that is not the case with your website. Furthermore, the website content is pre-planned, embellished and revised, with every word chosen carefully to make the most sales-conducive content.

The website text often determines your sales performance. Hence it is not a question of whether your website has content but whether the content is competitive enough! If the content is not competitive, you may not achieve desirable sales results despite a huge daily budget in advertising.

One thing is very important. If the content of the website is tedious and does not command any sales power, your potential customers will not tell you that after browsing. Instead, they will just go to your competitor’s website quietly, and most of them will not come back!